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Oscar Villarreal is an international business expert. He is a master of the international business scene. He has that special mix of the right background and specific acumen that produces success. He has had great success in the arena of international business over the year and at this time, he operates in a number of industries, largely through the operations of two companies.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal

One of those companies is Continental SPC, which is a company that is deeply involved in a number of oil projects with Pemex, the major Mexican oil company. This kind of international tact and business ability is rooted in Oscar Villarreal’s rapid and early successes in business and his educational background. Villarreal studied a variety of topics in his education when he started out as an international exchange student who had come to study from Mexico. His studies in engineering led him to his internship at a startup company, where he rose through the ranks such that after three years, he was heading up the responsibility of growing the business on the international front. He studied geopolitical studies and energy development at the Harvard University School of Business.

As a leader at the firm, he is a mentor, role model and leader that is the kind of guy that is an obvious winner. That’s why he works hard on the delivery of services and product to the right people, at the right time. He does a lot of charitable work in the community, and you can find out about him


Oscar Villarreal is the man behind a major oil services company in Mexico called Continental SPC. This company is focused on high technology drilling and IPM (Integrated Project Management) in conjunction with Pemex, the Mexican-owned oil company. He also works with a number of other drilling services for other global major oil companies around the world. He was actually born and raised in Mexico, but came to the United States to start his successful education and career.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal

He is an expert in both business and in the field of high technology drilling, and these things are an incredibly valuate part of the Continental SPC team. He continues to serve both his firm and his colleagues with the utmost in expertise, insight and experience. He first studied in the northeast United States at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Connecticut. He even go the opportunity to study engineering in Switzerland at the University of Geneva. From there, he went on to study at the Harvard University Business School. There, he studied as part of a concentrated program on Energy Development and Geopolitical Studies, a course of studies that has clearly served him in his career well.   He has a history of these kinds of successes that are hard to ignore. With a mind for business that is international, he has risen to the top of his industry and is a thought and performance leader.   He always works hard to produce the best product possible in a very competitive field, and that makes him a significant presence that he is today on the international scene.


Oscar Villarreal has risen right to the top of his industry. As a professional he has made some incredible accomplishments. He has a track record of significant business dealings in Mexico and the United States over the years. During that time he has risen to the position of a leading international businessman in the oil industry. This success story starts out with his arrival in the United States as an international exchange student from the country of Mexico.

Oscar Villarreal then started his higher education, arriving at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Connecticut to begin his undergraduate studies in Engineering. He was an excellent student and was chosen to study abroad at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. From there he began his education in pursuit of advanced studies at the Harvard University Business School and specialized in a concentrated program on Geopolitical Studies and Energy Development.

He first entered the business world in his first professional position as an intern at a technology startup. In three years he had ascended to the role of responsibility for the company, in charge of increasing international business volume. One of his biggest deals as a young executive was the successful contract of some seventy five million dollars with a steel maker out of Mexico. It was the company’s largest contract at that point in time, a remarkable feat. He took that early success and has rolled in his experience and education into one successful story after another. Which leads to today, where he has become a successful business man in the industry of oil technology. He stays focused on advanced oil drilling techniques, and he enjoys a significant executive position in this important and growing industry.