Oscar Villarreal an oil industry story

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Oscar Villarreal is one of those oil industry success stories in the tradition of American success stories, with the modern twist of technology and international exploration. Today’s hunt for natural resources is highly dependent on science and the technology that drives it is right where Villarreal plies his experience, education and success. In so many ways, Oscar Villarreal was made for this success. A former international exchange student from Mexico, Villarreal studied at the Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Connecticut in the field of engineering. An excellent student, he even studied abroad in Switzerland at the University of Geneva for a time. From there, Villarreal pursued advanced specialized studies at the Harvard University Business School. Within these studies was a concentrated program focusing on Geopolitical studies and energy development.   He attained successes extremely early. For example, one of his first positions was as an intern at a technology startup.   Three years later, he was in a critical company position growing the international business successfully. He even landed the company’s largest contract at that time, an international deal with a Mexican-based steel maker that clocked in at seventy five million dollars.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal

Success like this has followed Villarreal quickly time and time again as he found his leadership and responsibilities critical in a number of companies in leading business roles.   He also runs Continental SPC, an oil Services company in Mexico. His business interests focus around high technology drilling and IPM (Integrated Project Management) for Pemex, the Mexican-owned oil company, as well as other drilling services for other global major oil companies around the world.


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