Oscar Villarreal, Successful Businessman

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Business

Oscar Villarreal is a successful businessman that hails from the Cleveland Ohio area. He has experience at numerous companies and startups over the years, but he is perhaps most well-known for his oil investments. From high-tech drilling to integrated project management, he has worked in this field for the Mexican Owned Oil Company, Pemex. Oscar Villarreal’s roots started in Mexico and when he came to the United States, he embarked on his education at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Connecticut. Including an interesting opportunity to study in Switzerland at the University of Geneva, Villarreal pursued his undergraduate degree in Engineering.   Oscar Villarreal began studying at the Harvard University Business School in 2009. From there, he received further education in a concentrated program on Energy Development and Geopolitical Studies. Oscar Villarreal was a notable student, a fact that surprises few as he was once voted one of the “20 in Their 20’s” by Crain’s Cleveland Business in 2006 when he was only twenty one years old.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal is also a classically trained competitive pianist. Today, Villarreal has built an ever-increasing arc of business, personal and community success. He is known for his public support of various community causes, having donated time, facilities and financial donations to a number of notable charities and events. As a successful businessman, Oscar Villarreal’s portfolio of notable business achievements continues to grow and his international dealings actually highlight his business prowess and tactical achievements. His career is rife with achievements, growth, and success by every single measurable mark that you could ask.


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