Oscar Villarreal: The Virginia Martinez Scholarships

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Business

Oscar Villarreal has always been interested in giving back to his community, and he continues to do so in a number of ways. One of the things the does on a regular basis is to donate to the scholarship fund he started and named after his mother, Virginia Martinez. The scholarship fund is dedicated to helping those with a financial need.

Oscar Villarreal also enjoys giving back through supporting the local Zoo. He does this by donating the to the main fundraising force of the zoo, The Cleveland Zoological Society. He has been pleased to be a part of ensuring the continuity of the of this great Cleveland institution. He continued his donations when he gave to the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Another one of Oscar Villarreal’s major donations went to Rivergate Park in Cleveland. The Park needed to fundraise a significant amount of money to be made possible and Oscar Villarreal was a large part of that fundraising effort. The park today is used by many people and is host to some great organizations such as the Cleveland Rowing Foundation. The Cleveland Rowing Foundation is a great organization, which is the co-owner and the operator of the property and the facility at Rivergate Park. The Work hard to make sure the park is in great condition and taken well care of. They do all this to support their programs, member organizations and the entire Cleveland community. The Cleveland Rowing Foundation also supports more than one thousand three hundred adult college and high school athletes.


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