Oscar Villarreal and the CIA

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Business

Oscar Villarreal, for three years, was a member of the board of trustees for the Cleveland Institute of Music. He was there while he was the managing partner of Standard Asset Management. Standard Asset Management was a hedge fund that invested in public equities and private equities in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America.

Oscar Villarreal has a long time connection with music. He studied as a performance pianist for 17 years and competed in Mexico and Spain. His community service did not end there however. Oscar Villarreal has also been involved in helping deserving students attend college. Oscar Villarreal actually pledged donations totaling one hundred thousand dollars to the Cuyahoga Community college foundation. 2012 was the first year the money was distributed, and eight students were honored to receive scholarships that were $2000 or $1000.

The students were extremely grateful that they were fortunate enough to receive this scholarship money. Many of them are set on paying it forward and working to help others achieve their college dreams. Sometimes donors and perspective donors do not understand the impact that their donations can have. In this case Oscar Villarreal has a better chance of understanding since he is not much older than many of the students who received this scholarship.

The money was distributed to not just people pursuing careers similar to Oscar Villarreal’s, but also, people pursuing music, nursing, construction engineering, medical sonography and more. These students, many of them are working hard to get their education, and Oscar Villarreal is happy that he could be part of their future success.


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