Oscar Villarreal Supports Rivergate Park

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Business

Oscar Villarreal is a committed member of the community who understands that giving back can be very rewarding. Each time Oscar Villarreal walks through Rivergate Park, he can smile and know that he was a big part in making it happen. The location where Rivergate Park sits was previously a post industrial, concrete covered site. That has all changed now. It is now one of the premier destination parks in Cleveland. It has a full recreation Center and well as providing river access for concerts, picnicking, recreation and more.

Oscar Villarreal

Oscar Villarreal

Some of the incredible benefits that have been realized because of Rivergate Park include a Cleveland Metropolitan School District Rowing Program. The Park was also the first downtown Metroparks Park. Rivergate was also created to help mitigate some of the storm water drainage problems in the area. Rivergate is part of helping to increase fish populations in the Cuyahoga River basin. Oscar Villarreal knows that in addition his donation well help to provide more adults and children the opportunity to be active which is important to the health of the city.

Rivergate has a plethora of programs that can be utilized to help people enjoy the area and themselves. Some of the activities and programs that they have available include CMSD Rows, Scholastic rowing programs, adult rowing programs, Dragon Boats, Kayaking, Canoeing, Bicycling, Skateboarding, Camps, and many more.

Oscar Villarreal knows that with an easy walk from the RTA stations, free parking and bike parking nearby, and plenty of dining options, this park is a really great addition to the downtown area.


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